Questions We Are Asked on a Regular Basis

If you want to commemorate a joyful and special occasion, be it a wedding or a family portrait, hiring a photography specialist like El-Evans Photography is the best way to achieve this. So we will use this opportunity to share some of the answers to questions we get and why people decide to hire us over our competition.

Why hire your company?

Our company has been providing the residents of Goodyear, AZ with precision work at affordable prices since 2021. However, our photographers have years of experience and know everything about the industry. Our cameras are of the highest quality to ensure the pictures that we capture are of outstanding results. We can provide professional portrait photography, but more on the rest of our services later.

Does the company take debit/credit cards?

No. Our event photographer will accept only cash.

Does the company only work with the residents of Goodyear, AZ?

No. We also work with the areas listed below:

  • Litchfield Park, AZ

  • Komatke, AZ

  • Youngtown Town, AZ

  • Tolleson, AZ

  • Guadalupe Town, AZ

Failure to see your area doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot cover it. Call today and ask.

Does the company work with residential customers only?

No. We also deal with commercial clients.

What services can the company offer me?

Our company can offer the following list:

  • Affordable Family Photography

  • Business Portraits

  • Fashion Portraits

  • Personal Portraits

  • Elopement Photography

  • Event Photography

We encourage inquiries. Details on these services are available. Call us using the number included in this article.

What is elopement photography?

This type of photography is typically associated with weddings. Elopements, or unplanned weddings, are spur-of-the-moment occasions that will generally take place without all the fanfare, pomp, or guests that are associated with more traditional weddings.

What are the opening hours of El-Evans Photography?

We are available at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Are appointments compulsory?

Yes, this is something that we insist upon. Taking professional pictures is not just about aiming and clicking, as it requires the right lighting, poses, and the like. So before we accept a job, we need to know more information so we know what to do.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, you will definitely receive a bid. We consider it normal for consumers to request multiple bids before making a decision, so feel free to choose whichever one meets your needs. That being said, we would like you to know that the price of our services reflects the quality of work we intend to provide, and this should be taken into account when choosing us.

Is there feedback?

Yes! You should make your next place to visit our testimonial page if you want further verification of our quality standards.

In conclusion, if you feel more confident and would like to make an appointment with our wedding photographer to discuss what your requirements are, or you have further questions not covered by this article, please feel free to contact us today at this number (201) 589-7244 within our working hours of business.